Strength Training – Essential in Workouts For Women

Workouts For Women

Forget about the stories that have strength training turning ladies into muscle-bound women. It will, however, improve your overall health, and using weights will make your body stronger. These benefits play a significant role in helping you get slimmer. As a matter of fact, when strength training is combined with other types of exercise, it is more effective than aerobic exercise alone, so it is essential in designing workouts for women.

Before you start any type of strength training, make sure your doctor approves it, especially if you have a health condition.

Building Muscle has Many Benefits

You can enjoy a number of benefits from building muscle, including:

Greater endurance and flexibility

More energy

Denser bones, making broken bones and osteoporosis less likely

Enhanced joint protection, reducing the likelihood of joint injury and increasing your joint stability

Increased metabolism

Research studies prove that women who diligently follow a strength training program for two months burn an average of 200 more calories during every workout when compared to women who exercise but do not do any muscle building in their workouts

How to Begin Strength Training

As with any other type of exercise, strength training should begin with small steps which in turn lead to larger steps. Start with simple exercises like sit-ups, pull-ups and push-ups. Ordinary household items can be incorporated into your muscle building regime. One example involves taking two cans of food and holding them in your hands. You can then do some chest-flies and curls while holding them.

With time and practice you’ll be able to work up to something heavier like cat litter or a bottle that’s full or sand or dirt. Make sure you always pace yourself, however.

Move up to the Next Phase

Once you are ready to move up to the next phase, buy some lightweight dumbbells (which come in assorted weights) and a few resistance bands and cords. Do some research at the library or perform an Internet search for guidance on how to use these items in your muscle building program. Some sets of resistance bands are packaged with an instructional DVD for novices.

Consult With a Trainer Regarding Your Strength Training

You might decide that working on your own is all you need to do. However, if you want to ramp up your strength training even more, you can do it by consulting with a trainer. If you decide to get a consultation, book an appointment for a tour and consultation at your local gym. You can tour the facility, and then have your consultation afterward. Ask the trainer every question you can think of. Make sure you receive as much instruction as you need on each piece of exercise equipment.

One final note, when you are doing strength training, make sure you let your muscles have an opportunity to recover by skipping a day between your workout sessions.

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